Tint on Wheels NC Tint on Wheels NC

Make your next cruise all the more comfortable and cool. Your marine window tinting will give your boat a classy look, and give you a place to escape the harsh rays of the sun.


Not only that, your tint will be applied evenly and look as though it has always been there. Get removal if necessary without damage to your windows. Feel confident you're investing in your boat with tint that has a lifetime guarantee.

Invest in affordable marine tinting

Protect your boat interior

When you have window tint applied in any shade, you'll be keeping your interior safe from the sun's damaging effect. Seats, carpets, vinyl, and leather will be safe from cracking, and save you on replacement costs.


In addition, a shaded interior means your air conditioner won't have to work so hard which will save money on fuel. Use your fuel for more trips and less on cooling off! Don't wait to discover the many benefits of marine tinting, call today!

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Improve the look and comfort of your boat with tint

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